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Laura Daugereau

Laura's passion for sled dogs started at the young age of 10. She has kindled that small spark into the flame that it is today, bringing her to make history. Laura was the first woman from Washington State to run and finish the Iditaord.

West Yellowstone Sled Dog Race Day ll 326 1.jpg

The Athletes

Sled dogs are incredible animals! They have the drive and deep instinct to pull and travel down the trail while working as a single unit. They each have their own personalities and quirks! Each of Laura's dogs are unique athletes full of heart and spirit!


Always giving back

Laura has formed her career in dog sledding by  working hard and making personal sacrifices to achieve her goals while always helping others on the way.  This might look like mentoring youth, donating time to a work party or giving winnings back to those in need.